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The Pickett Law Firm is one of the few law firms specializing in European customs and trade law. We see it as our job to provide our clients comprehensive expert legal advice tailored to their specific legal issues and help them achieve their corporate goals.

In addition to advising our German and other European-based Clients, we also advise and assist corporations located outside the European Union on customs and trade matters, in particular in respect of customs treaties, anti-dumping/anti-subsidy proceedings and WTO law.

Our primary fields of practice are above all European Customs Law, including customs treaties, the origin of goods, preferential customs treatment, as well as all aspects of anti-dumping and anti-subsidy proceedings and duties. Furthermore, we advise corporate and government Clients on the consistency of proposed or existing measures with WTO law.

In addition to assisting our Clients with lobby work at the national or European level, we represent our Clients in all phases of trade proceedings, from representation before the European authorities at the initiation of the investigation to the request for market economy treatment (MET) or individual treatment (IT) and the offer of undertakings, to legal action before the European Courts.

                                       Your partner for legal advice in

                                       European customs law

                                       Customs offence matters

                                       Trade remedies

                                       WTO law

                                       Export control law

                                       Third country anti-dumping investigations and
                                       proceedings against EU exporting producers and exporters

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