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Defending your interests.

In the past several decades the rapid pace of globalisation has led to an astonishing degree of economic integration at a global scale, encompassing inter alia services, investment and, above all, international trade in goods. These developments have led to EU industries facing increasingly stiff competition from exporting producers from all over the world. While access to the European market by foreign exporting producers is generally considered desirable, this assumes that the EU industry is not put at a disadvantage by unfair trade practices.

The growth of world trade has been flanked by a continuous development in the density and sophistication of international trade law both at the EU level and within the framework of the WTO. Along with developments in expanding market access, trade remedies has been one principle area of concern. The objective of EU trade remedies is to protect EU industries from unfair trade practices and to restore fair competitive conditions where foreign competitors have resorted to unfair trade practices and caused injury to the Union industry concerned.

When an EU industry is facing unfair trade practices, it may appeal to the European Commission, which will launch an investigation on the merits of the case the EU industry brought forward. By skilfully exercising their rights under the regulations, the enterprises concerned have the opportunity to influence the proceedings in their favor. These rights extend, for example, to the right to comment and be heard, rights of disclosure and access to the file as well as to such essential elements as the protection of confidential information, which may even include the identity of the complainants where there is a legitimate concern of retaliation. We help European companies to enforce their rights in all phases of trade defence proceedings. The scope of our services include in particular:

  • Assistance in preparing anti-dumping and/or anti-subsidy complaints
  • Assistance in completing questionnaire responses
  • The representation of these complaints before the EU institutions and Member States
  • Advising and representing clients before the relevant EU institutions in anti-dumping and/or anti-subsidy investigations
  • Advising and representing clients before the relevant EU institutions in interim and sunset reviews
  • The preparation of circumvention complaints and representation of these before the relevant EU institutions and Member States.

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