Advisory Services for Companies and Trade Associations 

Enforcing your WTO rights - it's your move!

All WTO Members have agreed to ensure that their legislation and practices are consistent with WTO law. One of the principle objectives of the WTO is to promote international commerce and facilitate and thereby increase trade between the Members. Companies and trade associations thus have a considerable economic interest in the Members fulfilling their obligations under the WTO instruments. In particular, they have a legitimate interest in ensuring that legislative proposals and trade agreements do not erect additional barriers to trade which are inconsistent with the respective Member's WTO obligations and thereby illegitimately restrict trade. Equally, they have a legitimate interest in seeking protection from illegal competitive practices, such as dumping, impermissible subsidies or the infringement of intellectual property.

We advise and support our clients' lobbying efforts at the national and EU level by assisting in:

  • identifying possible violations of WTO rules and disciplines,
  • the preparation of negotiating strategies on important issues, and
  • identifying different available options to achieve their economic interests to the greatest possible extent.

Natural persons, companies, and trade associations have no standing before the WTO dispute settlement bodies. Nevertheless, most cases are in fact driven by the companies and trade associations affected by the proceedings, and the EU or national authority will (have to) rely on their cooperation. The clever client knows that it can thereby materially influence the action. Our firm supports clients in all phases of actions before WTO, from preparing a prima facie case and supporting lobbying efforts aimed at initiating an action before a panel to appeals before the Appellate Body.

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